Writer’s Journal 12 “Space & Place”

Part I

– How is your position in your community (e.g., youth, leader, worker) influenced by the place where you live, work, relax?

I’m a freelance writer, so I work from home. If the weather permits, I sit outside on the roof terrace, and write. Otherwise, I’m indoors at my desk, facing all my post-its. Over my desk, there are three shelves of books where I keep handy the ones that I’m currently reading and referring to.

I love working from home because it gives me flexibility to be able to manage the house, take care of my children, and do work that I love.

– Are there places/spaces you are not allowed to enter or participate? Why?

I can work anywhere at home, but I prefer my desk, or outside if the weather permits.

– Do your friends, family, and co-workers have access to different places than you?

It’s a case by case. Each writer chooses his or her best writing environment. Some people prefer coffee shops where they can get inspired by the buzz of the people. I prefer writing from home. The stillness and silence are what help me conjure up the words I need to express myself.

– What spaces are private and what spaces are public?

All the spaces at home are private, but occasionally I will use the public library.

Part II

Based on your thoughts about the questions from Part I, choose one of the following tasks to complete:

– Using a smartphone app, design a photo collage reflective of your position within the community.

Collage 1

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