Writer’s Journal 3 “Reflection”

Reflection is important because it gives you distance to evaluate your work from a more objective point of view. After leaving my writing aside for a couple of days, I can more easily spot errors and ways that my project can be improved.

When approaching a writing project, I first think of questions I have about the subject, why it interests me and what’s my purpose in writing about it. After writing my initial thoughts, I research and look at ways that reinforce and contradict my perspective. These extra opinions help me formulate, in a concrete manner, what I want to say.

I never wrote a letter to myself reflecting on what I wrote, but I have been in classes where peers reviewed my work suggested where I could improve. I feel like a self-reflection will be an added benefit and a useful tool to narrowing down the purpose, audience and effectiveness in a piece. Because at times, we are writing without knowing exactly what these three things are, or we think we know what they are, and then the writing takes a life of its own. Hence, a reflection will realign what we initially wanted with what’s on the page. The discrepancy will be clear, and we can then decide if our initial desires are more realistic or should we tune our objectives to what came out on the page. It’s sort of like when we squint because we can’t see or read a sign that’s far away, and as the car moves closer it comes into vision. I feel that this is exactly what “Reflection” is, a way of seeing your writing unclouded.

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