Writing Journal 1 “Outcomes”

Reading the course outcomes reassures me that I made the right choice in enrolling in English 101. I’m surprised by the large number of outcomes that are expected. It makes me wonder about whether I will be able to cope with the amount of work. I expect that grasping some of the outcomes will be easy and feel like revision. I assume there will be other outcomes that I will grapple with.

The focus on “Rhetorical Knowledge” is intriguing and I am pleased to create a variety of texts and learn how to generate “purpose, while taking into account audience, context, and conventions.” I’m excited that we will cover “shifts in voice, tone, level of formality, design, medium, and/or structure.”

My interest lies in creative writing, I love its flexibility, dynamism and freedom. But I appreciate that the course outcomes also include academic writing, because it lays out a solid foundation. Even though many learners find academic writing more rigorous and demanding, I feel it uses a different part of my brain and allows me to create sentences in a different way. Its complex terminology and stringent structure enrich my understanding of language and its utilization, it’s like I’m a magician who learned extra tricks. Learning how to produce high quality academic writing is necessary for graduate studies and can be surprisingly useful in other fields too. For example: Six months ago, I had to produce an academic proposal for a grant.

I’m eager to refresh my knowledge on all the concepts and embark on this journey with my fellow learners.

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