The utter torment of being a parent and always second guessing yourself

It is so hard today to be the ideal parent. There is so much pressure to be perfect. We have to live up to these very hard, very unreachable standards. One can no longer claim ignorance ’cause God forbid you are living in 2010 and you have not used books, magazines, newspapers, ebooks, podcasts, blogs, TV shows (Oprah & Dr. Phil), YouTube nor the internet to teach yourself how to be a parent. If you haven’t used all this information and gotten your act together? Then, you must really be a sad case of a parent and God should have never have given you the chance to procreate. You would think that with all this information we would get it right. We still don’t get it. Kids need love. That’s it. Make sure you make them feel you love them despite their attitudes, despite their pushing your every button. Make sure they know you love them when they disappoint you the most. Make sure they know you love them when you feel you’ve been repeating yourself for the past 15 years and no one has been listening. Value who they are and what their temperament is and what their limits are. It doesn’t matter how much TV they watch nor how many books they read nor what sports they play at what level of competence. Believe it or not even the music lessons and the art lessons aren’t what is important? nor is it the number of hours they play on the computer, PlayStation, Wii, or X-box. Nor is it the number of languages he or she’s acquired. It’s how much we love and accept them. After 14 years of being a stay at home mom, love is the key. Love is the answer. I know it’s corny but it’s simple and it’s true. Love them and don’t hold back, enjoy them. Then, only then will they become a force to be reckoned with.
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